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Multi-Use Games Area

SportWelcome to the Tunstall Multi-Use Games Area (or MUGA) page!

Here you will find how you can register to be a member of the Tunstall MUGA Club and then how you can book the facility for you and your friends and family to use. Whilst the Covid-19 Pandemic is with us we need to open the facility with a few more rules but you can read these at your leisure below. Let's get started...


Firstly, you have to register to be a member of the Tunstall MUGA Club before you can use the facility. This is quick and easy and completely free. Registration of the Tunstall MUGA Club is a requirement so that we can help keep you up to date with all the MUGA news but more importantly at this moment, we need to be able to contact you if anyone who has used the facility tests positive for Covid-19.

Simply send an e-mail to tunstallmuga@gmail.com giving your Name, Address, Telephone Numbers and E-Mail address. If you are under 18 please also include your Date of Birth and the details of an adult who would be responsible for you. Everyone in a household who wishes to use the facility needs to register. 

Your registration details will be kept securely and only accessed by the Tunstall MUGA Club administrator or the Parish Council Clerk. Once a registration request is received, you will receive confirmation from the Administrator and a unique registration number, you will need this when you book the MUGA.

Booking the MUGA

This is where you will come to book the MUGA. Unfortunately, at this time (November 2020) the MUGA is closed and therefore the Booking System is not available. The MUGA is closed because the Anti-Slip Coating is still be be applied and this can't be done in the wet weather. Let's all cross our fingers for a few dry days.

As soon as the Anti-Slip Coating is applied we will notify everyone and the Booking System will be open to use.

Regular Clubs and Groups

Would you be interested in setting up a regular club or group to use the MUGA at a specific time? If you would, please e-mail the MUGA Committee on tunstallmuga@gmail.com and they will get back to you.

Documents and Guidance

Tunstall MUGA Aims and Goals Tunstall MUGA Covid-19 Secure Guidance
Tunstall MUGA Terms and Conditions Tunstall MUGA Risk Assessment
Tunstall MUGA Covid-19 Guidance Poster