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Tunstall Carols - Monday December 14th, 7pm.

9 December 2020

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Traditionally, December is a time which strikes fear into the hearts of many Tunstall residents, who hide behind the curtains as a band of carollers roam around the village to sing, (or bark, in some cases), the same four songs over and over. Since March, we have been waiting like cats on hot bricks to hear the rules about  carol singing and the gods are smiling on us: you will be delighted to know that we can entertain you again outside.  With no indoor singing permitted this year except performance, it might be the only chance most of us get to sing collectively. 

However, we know you have all had a rubbish year and can’t bear to think of you spending two hours kneeling behind the sofas in the darkness waiting for us to go home and also, doorstep carol singing is limited to 6, so for 2020, in honour of Covid-19’s ruinous effect on us being able to be together, a group of six singers will be meeting at four spots in the village to sing three carols in each.  We invite you to join us at one of the locations or just stand on your doorsteps and do some little Christmas thing all together, in spirit if not physically close.  Please bring your torches or battery-operated tea lights, your hot toddies in flasks, and cover yourselves in Christmas decorations.  In order to be Covid-safe, while there is no official limit to outdoor singing away from doorsteps, we must adhere to 2m distancing rules and not sing facing each other in our groups.  Rules on outside gatherings mean that you must not bring more than six in your own group and must not socialise with more than five other people. The singers moving to all four spaces will also be no more than six (I still need one more so if interested drop me a line 07900 657780 or sarahvashti@hotmail.com). 

The locations we will sing at are:

  • 7.00pm: The Tunstall Village sign
  • 7.15pm: The grass area in Street Farm Close
  • 7.30 pm: The Green, Tunstall Green
  • 7.45 pm: The car park, the Green Man

There will be a collection for St Michael’s church at each place, but donations are optional. If we have any villagers who would be happy to act as Marshalls near the roads, and wear hi-vis, I would love to hear from them too. It has been such a tough year.  We hope you will all come and sing in the face of adversity and show that even though we must stand apart, we are still together. Lyric sheets for the carols can be found here.