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Tunstall Parish Review 2017

In 2013 a comprehensive parish review in Tunstall was held. Sadly, less than 10% of the population took part but the data and opinions that were gathered were very useful.

In 2017 the Parish Council have undertaken to seek opinions and thoughts of the residents of Tunstall again and THE FULL REPORT shows the data gathered, conclusions reached and an action plan drawn up.

It is acknowledged that some areas covered in the review are outside the control of the Parish Council. However, we will work with other service providers to try and improve facilities wherever possible.

10 Point Action Plan

It is clear a number of elements are causing concern to a great deal of residents:

  • Highways (including speeding drivers, pot holes and inappropriate speed limits),
  • Public Transport (or the lack of it!),
  • Broadband (including the very low speeds most household experience, promises made by BT Open Reach to improve the network that were not fulfilled and expensive alternatives) and
  • Lack of Community Spirit.

Tunstall Parish Council commit to the following 10-point action plan; in order of importance:

1.       To continue to monitor speeds of vehicles (using the Speed Indicator Device) and endeavour to identify offenders through analysis of data

2.       To campaign for ‘buffer zones’ along Woodbridge Road, Snape Road and Orford Road of 40 mph

3.       To work with BT Open Reach to campaign for High Speed Broadband for all Tunstall residents and to research alternatives for anyone outside the current upgrade proposals

4.       To explore establishing more groups in the Community Centre; such as a Toddler Group, WI, Friendship Group or Over 60’s Club

5.       To continue to work with Suffolk County Council Highways and the Police to improve road signage in the village

6.       To support and promote the Bulletin and Grapevine communication channels

7.       To organise at least 2 community events per year

8.       To support other groups, clubs and organisations to organise community events across the entire population and to provide funding for these where possible and/or appropriate

9.       To work alongside the Community Centre Committee to improve facilities and aesthetics at the hall.

10.   To investigate mobile shops coming to the village.

It is hoped that through these action points we can help improve the community spirit in the village. If you would like to be part of a team to put these in to place please contact the Parish Clerk