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Update @ 14th November - to see TPC's letter regarding this consultation please click here


You may have read in the East Anglian Daily Times on Monday (21st August) that Suffolk Coastal District Council (SCDC) have started another review of their Local Plan. The first stage of this review is to consult on what is known as an 'Issue and Options Document'.

The ‘Issues and Options’ document - link to the full document here - contains details of ALL sites offered by land owners, agents and developers for potential development in the district. It is important to note that many of these potential sites will be totally inappropriate and will be rejected by SCDC Planning due to their unsuitability.

There are 11 potential sites identified in Tunstall.

The actual consultation document is very long so Tunstall Parish Council have produced a 2 page cut-down version showing just the details for Tunstall with a map (map also below) – click here to see details of our 11 sites

Please remember that these sites have not been vetted by SCDC and may be totally unsuitable for many reasons. Three out of the eleven sites have been suggested in the past and identified as ‘Unsuitable’ by SCDC for a number of different reasons. A further three were suggested in the past and identified as 'suitable' by SCDC and there are five new sites suggested.

However, just because a site has been rejected before does not automatically mean it will be rejected again. Therefore it is very important that we express our views on these sites at this early stage. After this initial consultation period (ending on 30th October) SCDC will be reviewing each site and will take in to consideration views received.

The easiest and quickest way to express a view on one or all of the sites is to e-mail SCDC at suffolkcoastallocalplan@eastsuffolk.gov.uk  Please copy in Tunstall PC (pcclerktunstall@gmail.com) so that we can gauge the strength of feeling in the village for these different sites.

When you do write it is important to not only express your views about the individual sites but to also mention the wider picture for what over development means for Tunstall. You may like to mention ‘Infrastructure’ and ‘sustainability’ issues such as the road network, lack of doctors/dentist places, already at capacity schools, lack of public transport, the need to drive to get even the smallest of items such as a morning paper, etc., etc.

Tunstall Parish Council will be holding a special meeting to discuss this topic on Friday 20th October (in The Community Centre). The document will be on display from 6.00pm (with the PC meeting starting at 7.00pm) and the PC will be gathering resident’s thoughts to include them our submission, to add to those we have received via e-mail.

In addition, SCDC are holding a 'Drop-In’ Session at their new offices opposite Melton Station on Tuesday 26th September, 4.00pm ~ 7.30pm. Please go along and voice your opinions.

It is very important that Tunstall residents and Tunstall Parish Council use this consultation period to put forward views on these potential sites and we thank you for taking the time to air your views.

Tunstall Parish Council

Map of the Sites