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Is a second SID (Speed Indicator Device) on its way to Tunstall?

1 March 2021

Tunstall PC is currently exploring the possibility of purchasing a second SID. Tunstall is an exceptionally large village by area, and we realise that one SID is probably not enough for the whole location. However, not only is funding a barrier but we will also need more volunteers to help move it and replace the battery every couple of weeks. Could you help out? Ideally, we would like the second SID to be dedicated to the Common and Snape Maltings areas of Tunstall so a volunteer from ether of those locations would be perfect. If you would like to volunteer just give the Clerk a ring on 01394 411405.

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Vacancy for New Parish Clerk

29 December 2020

Do you fancy being the new Parish Clerk for Tunstall?

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Tunstall Carols - Monday December 14th, 7pm.

9 December 2020

Traditionally, December is a time which strikes fear into the hearts of many Tunstall residents, who hide behind the curtains as a band of carollers roam around the village to sing, (or bark, in some cases), the same four songs over and over. Since March, we have been waiting like cats on hot bricks to hear the rules about  carol singing and the gods are smiling on us: you will be delighted to know that we can entertain you again outside.  With no indoor singing permitted this year except performance, it might be the only chance most of us get to sing collectively. 

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Welcome to a New Councillor

30 November 2020

At the November meeting TPC welcomed Patricia Bessey as a new Co-opted Councillor. Patricia was one of three candidates which is an excellent turnout, and we are only disappointed that we could not co-opted them all ☹. We wish Patricia all the very best as a Councillor and look forward to steering her through her journey as a Councillor.

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Finances for 2021/22

5 November 2020

At its January meeting (13th January) TPC will be setting the Precept. This is the amount of money we request from ESC and they collect it via your Council Tax. Each year we try to keep the precept to a reasonable level and only request small increases. However, ‘you can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs’ as they say, and if you know if a project that TPC should be investing in next year please let us know, as this may make a difference to the precept amount requested.

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2020 Scarecrow Competition

31 August 2020

Check out some of the fabulous Scarecrows here...

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