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Village Consultation – We need your views and ideas…

10 June 2022

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Village Consultation – We need your views and ideas…

Whenever there is development in a village the builder is required to pay a levy to the District Council, to help provide amenities in the area. Part of this levy goes in to a ‘pot’ for Sports provision and part in to a ‘pot’ for Play provision.

Due to development within the village, the ‘Play’ and ‘Sport’ pots for Tunstall combined now hold over £30,000. This is an awful lot of money and Tunstall Parish Council want to ensure it is spent in the most appropriate way. There is no rush to spend it, so we want to take our time and hold a full consultation with Tunstall Residents. In addition, this money can be added to through other funding channels available to us, so potentially either a large project or several smaller ones could be considered.

We will be holding a Public Meeting to discuss these funds on Tuesday 5th July 6.00pm ~ 7.00pm in the Community Hall. This meeting will be to gather ideas and thoughts. Following this, a list of suggested projects will be compiled, and we will hold a public vote to determine which projects are the most popular.

If you are unable to make the meeting, we still want to hear from you. Please send your ideas to the Parish Council at pcclerktunstall@gmail.com or call Tiffany on 01728 688816 who will record them.

Possible projects may include: improved play equipment at the Play Park, improvements for existing facilities, alterations to the Community Hall, Adult Gym Equipment…. the options are endless but which ever ones we choose to progress we will need permission from the District Council to use the funds for that purpose.

We look forward to seeing as many people as possible on 5th July.